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Vital-Oxidizer venturi water system

More oxygen for the best results!

The Vital-Oxidizer is currently the most cost-effective water improvement technique on the Dutch market that naturally cleans your irrigation system from algae and fungi as a replacement for the use of hydrogen peroxide and chlorine, among others. The water is also significantly enriched with oxygen molecules and the bovis vitality increases by cavitation in the venturi of the Vital Oxidizer. An important added value is the oxygen supply in the root environment with all its advantages.

Many bacteria, algae, fungi and yeasts can normally flourish in the water system of a nursery. Depending on the degree of presence of, among other things, salts, organic material, heat and the residence time, the oxygen content in the water is lowered by the oxygen consumption. This creates an anoxic situation that is unfavorable for the roots of the plants. However, a favorable environment is being created for germs to grow explosively.

The Vital-Oxidizer sucks the oxygen into the water via the venturi technology. The venturi also gives the oxygen a vortex, so that the oxygen is much better bound to the water and the oxygen content is around 100-120%. The oxygen ensures a natural balance in the water and the root environment. Organic pollution is also broken down in the water silos, in the pipe system and in the root environment.

Immediately after installing a Vital-Oxidizer, the grower will have to keep a close eye on his water pipes depending on the amount of pollution in the system. Blockages in the system can be prevented by preventively draining the loosened dirt.

The breeding ground for the germs will largely be broken down, causing the germ number to drop. The organic contamination can be measured by a redox meter or by a nitrite test in which all algae are eliminated if the nitrite content is 0 mg / ltr. The amount of germs can be determined by having a scan of the water or the substrate made.

Practice shows that chemical products or ozone are no longer required for a clean water system. Similarly, better root development achieves higher yields. You can check the effect of the Vital-Oxidizer by means of the nitrite content in the water.

The Vital-Oxidizer venturi system has been successfully used in multiple crops for 10 years.

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